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Jetboil MiniMo Stove

Built with backpackers in mind, the MiniMo cooking system combines Jetboil's tried-and-true efficiency and versatility with a convenient form factor. Powered by FluxRing technology, the MiniMo reaches a rolling boil in just over two minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems.

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Jetboil's proprietary regulator technology offers incremental heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil, perfect for sautéing greens, simmering sauces, and more. Metal handles and a redesigned FluxRing cooking cup—optimized for a low spoon angle—make the MiniMo the perfect vessel for personal cooking and eating. Start heating instantly with the convenient, reliable pushbutton igniter; save pack space with the clever sideways burner storage design. Includes fuel canister stabilizer and pot support; easy to pack and carry at only 14.6 ounces.

Specifications & Information

Weight: 0.913 lb | 0.415 kg

Power: 6000 BTU/h / 1.75 kW

Volume:1 Liter Short

Cooking Type: Precision Cook

Fuel Regulator: Yes

Group Size: 1-2 People

Boil Time: 2m 15sec per .5 liter (avg. over life of Jetpower can)

Water Boiled: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can

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